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Why Fruit Juices Are Not As Healthy As They Appear 
Juices should be healthy, right? Of course, they should, at least that's what we have been made to understand right from an early age growing up. 
So, why would someone think for a moment that fruit juices are unhealthy? As a matter of fact, there are several reasons. Let's look at the different types of juices and their health implications. 
Canned Juice 
People who are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle often get lured into buying fruit juices. The juice industries have always had a good image because of the use of phrases like “100% pure fruit” and “freshly squeezed fruit”. As a result of the large market, companies have led to the use of concentrates to add flavour to their juices. 
There have been many lawsuits filed against juice companies in the past few years as experts claim that these juices contain a lot of sugar and additives. Juice consumers have also complained of an increase in weight due to a large amount of sugar and diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. 
Doctors often associate additives with cancer claiming that substances like sodium benzoate result to abnormal growth of cells. Canned juice starves naive consumers of numerous body nutrients. 
Blended Juice 
The sale of blenders and juicers has risen tremendously over a short period. This is because advocates claim that drinking smoothies are healthy as many nutrients and antioxidants enter the body. However, health advisors claim that blending fruit destroys the micronutrients. 
Therefore, it is far much better to eat fruit as a whole. Juicers crush all the fibre while turning fruit into juice and this may make the consumer suffer from constipation. 
The constant motion of the blades in the blenders produces heat that destroys the nutrients. Fruit juices like cranberry, orange, and lime have a lot of citric acids. A lot of intake of these juices could wear out the enamel. 
In conclusion... 
Nowadays fruit juice is regarded only as a drink to quench the thirst on a hot day. People are better off preparing their juices as they control what is in it. 
Even with all the risks involved, it is still much better to take fruit juice than having none at all. 
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