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Invisalign Braces Preston | Grimsargh Smile Clinic 

Invisalign Braces | Get a beautiful straight smile with clear aligners 

Here at Grimsargh smile clinic we carry out a lot of cosmetic dentistry and know that a beautiful smile is vital in boosting confidence and happiness. We are an experienced provider of Invisalign braces and are always at the forefront of the latest techniques and technological developments. We are one of the few practices in the country who have an itero digital scanner. The itero scanner is a precise 3D scanner which avoids the need for any impressions/moulds of your teeth and we can give you an instant simulation of what your teeth will look like after straightening with Invisalign braces in Preston with effective cost. 


Clear & discreet way of straightening teeth 
Less pain/discomfort than conventional braces 
Quick treatment times from as little as 3 months 
Better health of teeth and gums 
Tailor made braces perfectly designed to fit your teeth 


No need for messy impressions/moulds of your teeth - brilliant for those with a strong gag reflex 
Extremely accurate scans for improved results in a shorter time 
Instant smile simulations - allows you to see what your new smile will look like 
Invisalign braces
Case 1 - Before 
Invisalign braces
Case 1 - After 3 months 
Invisalign braces

Case 2 - Before 

Invisalign braces

Case 2 - After 6 months 

Invisalign braces

Case 3 - Before (large over bite) 

Invisalign braces

Case 3 - After 

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