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A One of a Kind, Ground-Breaking Solution 
Do you suffer from: 
• Jaw pain 
• Jaw clenching 
• Tension headaches? 
Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD) are extremely common and are often diagnosed by the above symptoms. Cerezen is a ground-breaking medical solution that could be perfect for you. 
What is TMD? 
The joint that connects the jaw to the skull is referred to as the Temporomandibular joint. Our everyday actions such as laughing, eating and speaking, all rely on this joint. Temporomandibular Disorder is a condition that affects the movement of the jaw. It is usually defined by jaw pain and pain around the ears and temple; it can include popping and clicking noises in the jaw and is often linked to jaw clenching, tension headaches, jaw locking and difficulty in fully opening the mouth. 
A number of things can lead to TMD. Temporomandibular Disorder can be the result of: 
• Teeth Grinding 
• Uneven Bites 
• Stress 
• Past Injury to the Head 
• General wear and tear of the jaw 
These, among many more, can lead to jaw pain or tenderness that can become severe and interfere with daily activities. Teeth grinding is closely linked to stress; which in the modern way of life is simply unavoidable. What we can do is help you with your TMD by introducing you to Cerezen! 
Cerezen is a unique medical solution for TMD. It effectively and discreetly works to relieve you from tension headaches, jaw pain, jaw clenching, jaw clicking and many more symptoms of TMD. Cerezen is an effective and safe treatment that uses custom-made hollow inserts which discreetly fit into your ears. Temporomandibular disorder can affect anyone and Cerezen is a clinically proven and reliable treatment that is also cost effective. 
How It Works 
The ears are closely linked to the teeth and jaws, often tooth aches are accompanied by ear and headaches. The ear canals are located near the Temporomandibular Joint and so any jaw movement will affect the volume of the ear canal. The Cerezen devices apply a gentle pressure against the walls of your ear canals every time you move your jaw; this creates an awareness of the jaw actions that contribute to TMD. The Cerezen devices encourage the jaw to return to a relaxed position after these movements and thus provides relief from TMD symptoms (such as jaw pain, tension headaches, jaw clenching etc.). 
The Cerezen devices are easily concealed and can be worn during the night as well as the day. 
Contact us today; so we can relieve you from your pain and discomfort. 
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