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Amalgam in dentistry means an alloy substance with an element of mercury content used within dentistry for dental fillings. 
Apicectomy is a procedure in dentistry that may be required after root canal surgery has taken place. 
This procedure may be needed if an infection occurs, which can mean that the removal of infected tissue will need to take place. 
As well as infected tissue the redundant root tip, which is known as the “apex” can be extracted during this process also. 
Anti-snoring treatments 
Within some modern dental practices today there are devices [Sleep Well] that can be carefully crafted and designed to fit within the oral cavity during the sleep, this is to help prevent snoring at night once fitted by the patient prior to sleeping. 
These devices are often used by keeping the bottom jaw from moving into an undesired position while sleeping. This can help prevent a snoring noise when the jaw is prevented from falling back into what would be its normal position during sleep. These carefully crafted devices therefore retain the bottom jaw in position while being designed with patient comfort in mind. 
Grimsargh Smile Clinic can arrange for the designing and moulding of Sleep Well anti snoring devices. 
A dental bridge allows for an artificial tooth or teeth to be placed into a gap space by fixing and anchoring to healthy teeth either side of the gap space. 
Dental or teeth bleaching can lighten the shade of your teeth by several shades improving the cosmetic appearance of your teeth and enhancing your smile. 
It’s important that teeth whitening is undertaken by professionals only, this is to ensure that your procedure is undertaken safely. 
Bruxism is a medical term given to teeth clenching and grinding. 
Teeth grinding can cause substantial damage to your teeth and also other feelings of discomfort can originate from this activity, these include tension headaches, jaw pain for example. Migraines are known to be caused sometimes by teeth clenching, Bruxism/teeth clenching are known to increase the severity and frequency of migraines. 
In dentistry, you may hear of calculus or tartar deposits which can build up and compromise gum health. 
Grimsargh Smile Clinic offers a professional range of dental hygienist services, these include “scale and polish” which actively help remove the hardened plaque known as calculus or tartar from your teeth, thus reducing the likelihood of gum disease. 
A good oral care regime concentrates on protecting the outer surface of the teeth and its enamel surface, your first barrier of defence from protecting the tooth’s structure within. 
Without regular brushing and good oral care plaque is allowed to build up, and this allows plaque to be introduced to sugar, which then forms an acid attack on your teeth. 
This acid attack then can cause microscopic holes within your teeth which eventually can intensify into a dental cavity. 
If you think it’s time for a dental check-up in Preston why not click this page. To make a routine appointment with our dental hygienists also click here. Remember your dental hygienists have a range of methods to help protect the enamel surface from using traditional scale and polish procedures right through to fluoride varnishes. 
There are many reasons why you may require a dental crown to be fitted. 
Some of these reasons can include your teeth may have become substantially weakened from decay. 
Another example why you may need a crown is that your tooth may have become broken possibly through an accident for example, and therefore needs a crown to protect the rest of the tooth’s remaining structure. 
You may have heard of a crown being referred to as “dental cap” which can be fitted over the remaining part of a prepared tooth’s structure, this carries the same meaning as getting a crown fitted. 
This can protect the remaining part of the tooth structure and also give you a more natural appearance; this is achieved by restoring the area where the decayed tooth once was for example. 
Cosmetic dentistry 
In recent years there has been a rise in popularity from cosmetic dentistry, this includes procedures such as teeth whitening, veneers, teeth bleaching, tooth straightening, cosmetic crowns and many other procedures! 
Grimsargh Smile Clinic has a skilled cosmetic dentist called Dr Arfan Iqbal who can carry out a range of cosmetic dental improvement procedures here in Preston, Lancashire. 
So whether you require teeth whitening or teeth straightening then Grimsargh Smile Clinic has the expert who can help you. To talk to our friendly and welcoming receptionist staff about arranging an appointment to come and see us, why not visit our contact page. 
Preston Dentist 
Our Preston dentist Dr Arfan Iqbal has expertise in both cosmetic, preventative and traditional dentistry services. To read more about Dr Arfan Iqbal please visit the link here Dr Arfan Iqbal. 
The terms “dental decay” and “tooth decay” are interchangeable, they summarise the process of acid attacks and the gradual breaking down of the tooth’s harder surface causing for cavities to eventually form. 
This happens when the tooth’s hard surface (enamel) and its underlying surface (dentine) became weakened and depleted, this happens through regular acid attacks, which are caused by sugar/carbohydrates mixing with plaque. 
Dental Prophylaxis 
If you have been recommended for a “dental prophylaxis” then this is a term not to be feared and is much simpler than it sounds! 
Basically this means a very thorough and intensive clean of your tooth or teeth surface areas. 
This intensive cleaning is used to help ward off and help protect against gingivitis (gum disease) and periodontal disease (advanced gum disease). 
Dental Emergency 
A dental emergency can occur through an accident at work or just through persistent pain that has occurred and is causing you great discomfort meaning that you can not sleep perhaps or perform and function normally. 
We can help alleviate dental pain and have Dr Arfan Iqbal on hand evenings and certain times on weekends to get you out of dental pain quickly! 
Grimsargh Smile Clinic in Preston, offer an emergency dental service offering expert pain relief weekdays and certain evenings, and also we are open on Saturdays and Sundays. To book an appointment to talk to us click here
Dry mouth 
Saliva works to our advantage in that it can help fight against tooth decay by playing a vital role in cleansing our mouth and helping to keep our teeth clean. 
“Xerostomia” refers to a medical condition in which the mouth may feel overly dry and this condition affects the regulatory flow of saliva within your oral cavity. 
If you feel that your mouth is dry and this is affecting you or possibly causing even bad breath to develop then why not arrange to come and see our Preston dentist Dr Arfan Iqbal. 
Enamel is the first line of defence in terms of protecting our teeth, once eroded or decayed this can mean that the sensitive dentine layer is exposed which quite often causes pain and discomfort. 
Enamel therefore protects our teeth and we should look after this vital area through a good oral health routine. 
This involves having regular dental checkups with your dentist in Preston and also maintaining a thorough oral care regime i.e regular brushing, flossing and visiting your dentist! 
Grimsargh Smile Clinic can also discuss with you supplementary services, which can be discussed with our dental hygienists to help remove the more stubborn hard to remove plaque. 
If the tooth is beyond repair it may need to be removed or what is called in dentistry extracted. 
On occasions, wisdom teeth can become impacted causing pain and a great deal of discomfort to the patient. 
Removing the wisdom teeth through the process of extraction removes this pain allowing the existing teeth to remain in place so that the wisdom teeth causing the impaction are extracted. 
Fillings are primarily used to repair a cavity. For example if your tooth or teeth have become substantially decayed or eroded then it may be necessary to have a filling fitted. 
If your teeth are more visible, say at the front of your mouth it may be advisable to obtain more aesthetic white filling, but also to match into existing teeth shading. 
There are other filling materials to choose from that your dentist will be able to explain the advantages and disadvantages of certain filling types. 
Harder stronger white fillings are a great way to repair decayed or broken back teeth in a very discreet fashion. 
Fluoride can be found in certain foods, some water supplies and also certain toothpastes and mouthwashes. 
If you are concerned about fluoride an its role in the use of certain oral care products, then it is important to discuss your concerns with your dentist. If you need more advice about this substance and its role in dentistry generally, talk to your oral health professional today. 
Fresh Breath 
Halitosis or bad breath can be caused through medical conditions or sometimes through poor oral hygiene methods. 
Grimsargh Smile Clinic has a range of options that can help you improve your oral health and prevent bad breath from occurring and developing. 
Why not talk to our dental hygienists located here in Preston or view our Fresh Breath page for more information. 
Grimsargh Smile Clinic is a modern dental practice situated in Preston, Lancashire which offers cosmetic, preventative and traditional dentistry service. Why not meet the team here! 
The Gingiva purpose is to surround the alveolar bone and also to form a protective surrounding, a form of covering around the teeth. 
At the initial stage of gum disease your gums may have become sore and you may notice blood when you brush your teeth. 
You may also notice that you are suffering from halitosis which is bad breath, if you are suffering from early signs of gingivitis. 
At this stage of gum disease the condition is called gingivitis and you will need to see your dentist and possibly your dental hygienist for advice on how to treat the conditions. 
If gingivitis is allowed to worsen, then this condition can change into something worse known as periodontitis. 
This condition is much more severe as the jaw can start to decay which can increase the separation between your gum lining and your teeth. 
Therefore if left untreated this condition can mean permanent damage and can have substantial impact on your overall oral health and the appearance of your teeth and gums. 
If you believe you are suffering from the mentioned condition then you need to see your dentist urgently. 
Hospital Emergency Dentist 
If an individual is involved in an accident than is possible for trauma to be sustained to teeth and surrounding area. This is when you need to visit your emergency dentist at your local hospital. 
In some circumstances where you require an out of hours dentist to alleviate dental pain then is possible to see your emergency dentist here in Preston Dr Arfan Iqbal. 
Grimsargh Smile Clinic offers an emergency dental service in Preston for more information why not view this page or contact us here on this page. 
Hygienist services Preston 
Grimsargh Smile Clinic has skilled dental hygienists within Preston, Lancashire. 
Our dental hygienist team can offer advice on good oral care methods, scale and polishing procedures, as well as ways to improve bad breath. 
Also if your teeth need a fluoride varnish to be applied then this can be prescribed by your dentist and in some circumstances applied by your dental hygienists. 
Impacted Teeth 
Adults can have up to 32 teeth and for some the oral cavity can perfectly accommodate this number of teeth with comfort. 
Problems can occur when wisdom teeth push through the fleshy gum layer in the oral cavity, and there is no room to accommodate these new teeth and they become obstructed or start pushing against existing teeth essentially overcrowding the area. 
Quite often many adults only have enough room within the oral cavity to comfortably accommodate 28 teeth. 
When the wisdom teeth push through and they have not got the room required to form comfortably, then this in dentistry is described as the wisdom teeth becoming “impacted” and may have to be extracted by your dentist. 
If you are suffering from wisdom teeth pain and wish to see an emergency dentist click here
A fully developed set of teeth normally have twelve molars. 
Molars are normally formed by three molars at the back of the mouth, these are the teeth that actively grind food and help to break down substances in the mouth, through the chewing process. 
Within the molar set are sometimes wisdom teeth incorporated into the set also, unless they have been extracted. 
An orthodontist or the process of orthodontics is primarily concerned with improving the function and also the appearance of misaligned, overcrowded, spaced or crooked teeth. 
Most patients have a number of options when it comes to deciding how to straighten misaligned teeth. 
For example, Grimsargh Smile Clinic can offer the Six Month Smiles program, Inman Aligner and Invisalign procedures to help improve the cosmetic appearance of your teeth. See out teeth straightening page or contact us here for more information 
An orthodontic procedure is therefore the process of straightening or realigning the teeth into a more cosmetically pleasing position. 
Grimsargh Smile Clinic offer a range of cosmetic dental procedures here in Preston. 
Dr Arfam Iqbal can offer teeth straightening procedures that can also help improve the health of teeth because they will become easier to clean as well as restoring a person’s confidence through a desirable cosmetic appearance to teeth. 
Oral Hygiene 
Good oral hygiene involves regular dental brushing and this incorporates dental flossing as well. 
To maintain good oral health it is important to periodically visit your local dentist at regular set intervals. 
It is also important to visit your dentist if you have any concerns about your oral health due to changes, say for example an increase in tooth sensitivity you may have noticed. 
You may also wish to supplement oral hygiene procedures further by visiting an expert dental hygienist, to undergo a more professional clean of your teeth.  
There are many over-the-counter preparations for example teeth whitening products and related products that you can buy for example at your local supermarket. 
You may feel that teeth whitening toothpastes may not have achieved the desired affect. 
If you wish to lighten the shade of your teeth and obtain a professional teeth whitening procedure in Preston why not contact Grimsargh Smile Clinic today? . 
Did you know it is illegal for anyone other than a registered dental professional to perform teeth whitening. 
Plaque is the primary cause of gum disease and also tooth cavities. Without a good oral hygiene regime or without correct brushing, plaque can easily build up and form a very hard surface that is stubborn to remove, called tartar. 
Acids within plaque actively attack our teeth, after eating and drinking, this is called an “acid attack” on your teeth. If you require professional cleaning of your teeth via the scale and polishing procedure then why not visit our dental hygienist page here. 
Tooth Straightening 
Grimsargh Smile Clinic undertakes teeth straightening procedures through the Six Month Smiles program, Inman Aligner and Invisalign
Dr Arfan Iqbal resident dentist at Grimsargh Smile Clinic can explain to you a range of options when you choose to straighten your teeth. To discuss teeth straightening options and which one could suits you visit our contact page here. 
Grimsargh Smile Clinic offers a range of cosmetic dental treatments including Veneers. Veneers can improve the cosmetic appearance of your teeth and can improve minor gap spacing issues. 
To discuss veneer options with your local dentist in Preston click our Veneer page here, or visit our contact page. 
If you require teeth whitening in Preston then why not consider Grimsargh Smile Clinic. We can offer you teeth whitening procedures to improve the cosmetic appearance of your teeth, while also offering take-home supplements to carry out teeth whitening at home. 
Wisdom Teeth 
Are your wisdom teeth causing you pain? If you have wisdom tooth pain due to your wisdom teeth becoming impacted then why not contact Grimsargh Smile Clinic. Grimsargh Smile Clinic offers emergency dental services if you require to be seen at short notice because of dental pain. 
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