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Virtually everywhere today, teens are embracing the idea of Invisalign as a great alternative to having straight teeth. Invisalign is providing them the opportunity to have a great set of teeth while they are still able to eat their normal food, have their normal oral hygiene routine, and have their normal athletic activities. 


What better gift could you give to your children than the gift of a perfect smile? Now that many children are considering this as an option for straightening their teeth, we should look into certain benefits Invisalign holds for teens. 
#1: Invisalign increases kid’s confidence 
Invisalign is great for boosting confidence in kids and reduces the self-consciousness and awkward smiles they get in their pictures. With Invisalign, your kids will be able to smile more confidently while it helps give them the straight and amazing teeth they deserve. 
#2: Invisalign gives teens teeth protection during contact sports 
It is always recommended that teens wear a mouth guard when in any contact sports or gymnastics. This helps to absorb shocks from any object capable of shattering the teeth or lacerate the lips. For teenagers who are in braces, it could be very expensive to get a custom fit mouth guard apart from the difficulty being experienced with it to fix over braces. 
However, with Invisalign, aligners already wrapped around the teeth for protection. An additional expense may not be necessary for a specialized mouth guard when doing heavy sports. Aligners can be removed and a normal mouth guard worn for such sports. 
#3: It trains kids to be more responsible 
Since it will require a kid to wear aligners almost every time with up to 22 hours in a day, kids are treated as adults and made to be responsible for their own treatment. One surprising thing about this is that kids actually enjoy the responsibility on a daily basis, especially when they start seeing the result from the treatment. They feel motivated to continue wearing the aligners because they can begin to see the results for themselves. 
#4: it helps protect lip irritation 
For kids involved in playing “wind-musical instruments” including saxophone, clarinet, trumpet, horns, and many more, Invisalign can be a great way to get protection during such activity. Unlike braces, Invisalign has no raised metal brackets or sharp corners that could cause inflammation, scratches or canker sores. 
While practicing and playing in a band, kids can get aligners removed. Because the material for the aligners is very thin, it has become a great option for having straight teeth rather than braces. 
#5: Invisalign saves time 
While kids are busy with different school activities, including academics, sports, and many extra-curriculum activities, parents are also busy with their works. Therefore, it could be very inconvenient going to wait for long hours every month to see an orthodontist for the monthly adjustment. 
It is a chore both the kids and the parents will be willing to get rid of. Because Invisalign requires a fewer number of office visit, it has thus, proved to be a great alternative. 
You wouldn’t have to worry about the kid’s monthly adjustment, dental emergencies, or any alteration in diets. For busy teenagers, Invisalign simply saves time and also makes treatment super convenient. 
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