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Need a Dental implant? This is your step-by-step guide on how dental implants work for the people of Preston 
Losing one or more of your teeth can go a long way to leave significant effects on your life. It doesn’t only impact your self-confidence, it also can affect your eating, speech, and also result in more serious dental conditions. 
However, considering a dental implant can go a long way to help resolve these issues as it has long been identified as one of the most active treatment options for missing or badly damaged teeth. 
It now takes a shorter time to have an implant, and it could serve as the perfect solution you need to restore your perfect smiles once again. In this article, I am going to be taking you in a step-by-step manner into how you can have a perfect implant that meets your need. 
What exactly are dental implants? 
I think this is where I need to start from. Dental implants refer to custom-made teeth replacement that is attached permanently to your jawbone. Made from a titanium screw and having a tooth crown on the top, the dental implant is used for a single or multiple teeth replacements. Dental implant, when treated properly, could last for many years while looking natural and undetectable. 
Dental implant doesn’t involve bone loss like many other tooth replacement options like bridge and crown procedures. It doesn’t damage the teeth and thus has generally been regarded as the standard care for tooth replacement by many dental organizations. 
What are dental implants used to treat? 
Dental implants are tooth replacement options, and are thus, used for replacing badly damaged or missing teeth. If you would like to know, missing tooth poses more problem than just cosmetic and speech problems. They could result in a loss of chewing abilities and prevent you from eating a complete diet. They are also capable of causing more serious bone loss problem. 
For your jawbone to remain strong, it needs the chewing action of your teeth to keep it stimulated from time to time. When such a thing doesn’t happen, the bone begins to disappear. Apart from the dental problems that arise from that, your face will also begin to sink in and make you look prematurely old because of the absence of the teeth and the facial bones. 
Dental implants have been recognized as the only effective treatment option to stimulate chewing and prevent bone loss because they are attached to your jawbone. In addition to this, dental implants also help improve comfort and make eating and talking much easier while you live your normal life. 
What is the procedure for dental implants? 
Dental implants’ procedure is relatively straight forward, and could be achieved in just 5 simple steps. 
# 1: Preparation and Planning 
This process often occurs during your initial visit to the clinic where your mouth will be examined by the dentist, take the x-ray of your jaw and start the planning for your perfect treatment. CT scanning machines are also sometimes used in some centers to take an accurate 3D mapping of your jaw. This planning process ensures you have a safe and effective long-term dental solution perfect for you. 
#2: Implants Placement 
This happens when it’s clear you are ready to proceed with the process, and your dentist starts preparing for the implants. The implants, through a surgical operation, will be inserted into your jawbone, with a temporary crown in place. This procedure can either happen while you stay awake with local aesthetic, or you can be fully sedated which makes you sleep through the entire process and wake up with a full and perfect smile. 
#3: The Healing Process 
This step is regarded as one of the most important steps in the procedure. It is the time when you recover fully from the process, and it is a time your bone is allowed to grow around your new implant and firmly secure it in place. This could last up to eight weeks, and sometimes, up to 6 months. 
#4: Final Crown, Bridge or Denture 
This is the step where you get your final crown, Bridge or Denture inserted into your new implant. Usually the crown is custom made using your teeth impressions, and thus makes it perfectly suit your smile. The crown is also usually made ready after your first consultation. 
#5: Express Your Full Smile 
Now that you have your implants secure and in place, the only thing left is for you to show your full, brand new smile, and enjoy your life once again. 
Bottom line 
Dental implants have proved to be the only implants that help you get your missing and damaged teeth replaced without bone loss. However, you need to see your dentist to help you decide if dental implants are the best option that perfectly meets your dental need. 
If you need more assiatance with deciding whether dental implants are right for you, we are based in Preston so why not come and see us for a free consultation or give us a call on 01772 651130 
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