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Learn the 3 easy ways you can reduce stains on your teeth! 
Regular Brushing and Flossing 
I’m sure that your dentist says this all the time. Even though everyone knows that brushing and flossing is important, not everyone has a dental routine. The best way to avoid stained or discoloured teeth is to establish a good brushing and flossing routine! 
Chewing Gum 
It’s always a good idea to chew some sugar free gum after a meal, especially if it involved items like coffee that are known to stain. 
Baking Soda 
if you notice that your teeth appear a little discoloured or can see some unpleasant stains, you can always give this little trick a go! Just mix some baking soda onto a bit of water to form a paste and use it to brush your teeth. This is usually effective on some stains but it won't get rid of them all, it’s always worth a trip to the dentist for some professional advice and professional products such as Teeth Whitening
Say no to Tobacco 
Tobacco, cigarettes, and countless other harmful products can be a problem. Smoking can cause your nails, teeth and even your eyes to change colours (and not in a nice rainbow unicorn way), not to mention they almost always lead to bad breath issues. Saying no to these addictive bad habits is a great way to stay healthy and avoid nasty issues like stained teeth and bad breath. If you are finding it hard to quit, chewing gum after smoking may offer some slight help. 
The things you can do don’t stop here, there is always more that you can try. A healthy life is a happy life so never stop making an effort to improve! 
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