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Most expectant mothers in Preston, are already familiar with the basics of pregnancy – the dos and the don’ts. 
They know it advisable to stay away from smoking, get enough rest, avoid alcohol, and all that. But what about cosmetic procedures like Botox
Presently there is little research to determine if there are any effects this effective wrinkle removal could have on pregnant women and their baby. 
However, the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and several cosmetic surgeons advice that you avoid Botox injections when pregnant. 
Know anything about Botox? 
Botox expresses its effect by binding to the nerve endings of muscles, preventing the release of the chemical that causes your muscle to contract. These are the muscles that cause the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. So, if Botox is blocking the release of the chemical that makes them, it is indirectly helping to reduce or prevent the appearance of wrinkles. 
Is it safe during pregnancy at all? 
Although there is no clinical study to confirm if having Botox during pregnancy is safe or not, it is sensible practice to avoid injecting a toxin into a pregnant woman to avoid any complications that may happen as a result of that. 
In animal studies conducted on rodents, Botox causes a series of problems to the unborn babies, including being born early, born with low birth weight, not develop properly, or even die. 
Even though we can’t be completely sure such thing would also happen in human because you are not pregnant with rodent babies, the lack of evidence is not for doctors to advise against having Botox injections when pregnant. 
Because of ethical considerations, nobody is going to conduct a clinical study on this. 
What if you got Botox with an unknown pregnancy? 
This happens often, and there has not been any clinical evidence to support if it’s dangerous. We have witnessed many healthy and beautiful babies born to mums who later found out they were pregnant during their last Botox. 
So even if you had a Botox before you realize you were pregnant, just don’t have other Botox treatments for the remaining months of your pregnancy. 
Should you also have Botox while breastfeeding? 
It is also recommended that you stay away from Botox treatments when you are breastfeeding your baby. Just as it is for many medicines, Botox too may pass into your breastmilk and reach your baby. 
This may result in some complication, so it’s best you just completely stay off Botox. 
How long should you wait post-pregnancy before you have Botox? 
It is okay for you to start Botox again as soon as you stop breastfeeding. However, it is best you wait until your hormones and skin have come back to their normal state – when they have settled down. 
Bottom Line 
Although it is not advisable you have Botox when you are pregnant; the good news is that most who usually have Botox see it as not necessary during pregnancy. 
This is because, during pregnancy, you tend to retain more water which helps pad out any lines that you may have. 
If pregnancy makes you radiant and younger, so what is the need for going for any aesthetic again? If you would like professional advice from Dr Arfan, please just send us a message now. 
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