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How Do Dental Implants Work and Why Are They So Popular? Read Now To Learn More. 
Have you been wondering about implants? What are they, what do they do and how do they work? Well although they sound scary and intimidating, that is definitely not the case!  
Dental Implants are small metal parts that provide a frame or support for dentists to mount replacement teeth. A few main things to know about Dental Implants are: 
• The key factor to qualify for an implant is that you have a healthy jaw and bone structure. 
• A dental implant is surgically positioned and fused to your jawbone by your dentist to provide secure and stable support to false teeth. The end result will resemble real teeth and if cared for properly they can last quite a long time. 
• For many people other ordinary solutions for tooth replacement such as bridges or dentures are not possible or comfortable due to sore spots, poor ridges or even gagging; implants allow a comfortable alternative that feel just like normal teeth. 
• Implants are made and customised to an individual’s situation and circumstances, they can be used to replace individual teeth or can be used to replace a whole set. 
• Implants are usually positioned and sorted in a simple, hassle-free manner, often the process is easier than having a tooth extracted and is done using a local anaesthetic. Although there will be general discomfort following the surgery, it is not a painful process. 
• Usually, false teeth are fitted three to four months after the implant but there are immediate options that you can ask your dentist about. 
• Caring for implants and false teeth is very similar to the care of normal teeth and lack of care will result in the same situations that real teeth suffer from. 
If you have any more questions, we will be more than happy to discuss the different implant options we provide and can answer any additional questions that you may have. 
Like with your regular teeth, implants and false teeth will require a good dental plan and regular visits to the dentist will ensure that they remain healthy and secure. It's a long-term investment. 
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