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Case 1 - Unhappy with gaps 
Case 1 - Gaps closed with cosmetic bonding 
Cosmetic Bonding is a brilliant way of improving your smile. It can be used to close gaps, cover heavily stained teeth, repair broken or worn teeth and make teeth look straight. This can often be done in one appointment without the need for any injections. Our dentists are cosmetic experts and are very talented at what they do. A high level of artistic skill is required to ensure that the shape and size of the teeth are aesthetic and blend in. It is often much cheaper than alternatives such as porcelain veneers and braces. Composite bonding can also be used to replace unsightly mercury fillings to give a more aesthetic result. 

The Procedure 

We first select the composite bonding resin by carefully matching the colour of your teeth. After cleaning the tooth surface we apply a liquid that bonds the composite resin to your tooth. The composite resin is then applied and shaped as required, which is then hardened by a strong intensity light. Once the material has hardened, we polish it up until it is smooth and resembles your other teeth. 
Case 2 - Broke front tooth during football 
Case 2 - Tooth repaired to match other teeth 
Case 3 - Another broken tooth 
Case 3 - After bonding (just like new) 
Case 4 - unhappy with gap 
Case 4 - Gap closed 
Case 5 - Unhappy with alignment of front 4 teeth 
Case 5 - Bonding to improve alignment of front 4 teeth